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New Video Updates September 2021

 Greetings, friends! We have been silent for a long time, yet the Lord has kept us so busy. We want to update you using two of our newest videos, which will give you current information on the ministries in Perú!  The first is geared toward kids of all ages.  It's a great way for us to introduce you to each member of our family.  The second video is a much more in-depth view of the ministries. We hope it will help you understand our ministries more completely, as we share our heart for Peru!!  Our year started out positive with many new opportunities in the ministry. For weeks it appeared CoVID numbers were diminishing. Early in the year, our team started an online training called, “Brigada de Esperanza” or “Brigade of Hope” where members of our extended team train local churches interested in learning more about ministry to victims of abuse and human trafficking. Additionally, our team held several trainings with local pastors, while carefully adhering to CoVID restrictions. These

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