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Stories of CoVID19 PERU ~ Mary and Virginia

These are the families of Mary and Virginia. Their families have been two of the extreme cases of which we have been able to be a part here in our community. We have come to love and respect their families. They shared their stories with us and are allowing us to share with you! In October of 2019 Mary’s health decline began with a very strong UTI. She received treatment but it didn’t seem to ever go away completely. Since that time, she has been losing weight and her hair. In November she fainted from a strong pain and was taken to the local emergency room. They did tests but only found that she was anemic and had a low hemoglobin number. They took her home, where she continued to experience these same symptoms. Finally, in January, they took her to the hospital thinking she may have tuberculosis because she had trouble breathing, had a fever and sweats, and coughed constantly. By then, she only weighed 72 lbs (now, she's about 63 lbs). She was hospitalized, given a blood trans…

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