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Su Refugio has been serving the needs of some of Peru’s most vulnerable and needy for over seven years. Many of our ministries provide for physical needs, through One Meal and other programs. However, anything we do is done with the singular, principal goal of sharing the Gospel of Jesus with each individual. This time of COVID-19 world crisis is no different. We want to share a unique opportunity we have to be a blessing during this time of great need. 
One young mom has two small children. Her husband recently left her and isn’t helping with their needs. Her job of selling small snacks on the street is now nonexistent, as the whole country is under strict quarantine. She has no money and no way to provide for her children. Even her ability to go to the market is limited because children are not allowed into the market, and she has no one with whom to leave them at home. 
Another mom just lost her job due to the Corona virus crisis. She used to work for the city, sweeping the street…

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