Tickets have been purchased!

Have you ever noticed that big things don't seem like a possibility until some of the main details have been organized? For us, this has been true with our trip to Peru~ We have been excited and anxious about it, but it wasn't until today, when we purchased our airline tickets, that it really sank in! We are going to Peru...WE ARE GOING TO PERU! Now I can get excited about it! Even today, we spoke (well, im'ed really) with some of our "hermanos," brothers-in-Christ, from Peru on Facebook! They have been praying for us since we were there the last time and they have encouraged us since that time to return!

We have been really encouraged this trip about the necessity of good communication with our churches and supporters! We have received the majority of our support from our church here in Korea! What a blessing it has been to receive so much support from our church family here in Korea~ They have been encouraging and supportive~ Additionally, our home church back in Kansas City has been encouraging! What a challenging time for us to be so far away from our home church and yet, we are so encouraged by each of our supporters!

Last time we went on the mission field, we were in the States and traveled throughout the States. We were also raising support for a whole year. This time, we are only going for 3 months, so our support level can be much less. 
Our major expense is our trip down to Peru. This cost has been about $2,100. We have had to be very patient on the purchase of our tickets. I was looking for ticket prices in December, but when I looked last week in mid-January, the prices were almost twice the amount. But...waiting patiently definitely paid off! Purchasing tickets in the middle of the week is KEY to getting the best price~ Be patient and your patience will pay off! Once we got to the place where we could purchase the tickets, my husband just wanted me to purchase them, even if they were going to be expensive~ However, I wanted to wait...thankfully, today I was able to find the tickets for about $400 under the price I found only 5 days earlier...being patient pays off!

So...we are leaving for Peru on April 6th! How thrilling~ *^^*


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