Over-the-Road Update

Since we've been on the road non-stop, sending a prayer letter or communicating regularly has become increasingly more difficult! We apologize for our lack of communication. 

Here's a run-down of the last couple months on the road:


A couple weeks this month was spent in northern California, around Redding. This was the first trip to use the travel trailer that was given us for the remainder of our deputation. During this trip, a church along with a local solar energy company decided to bless us with installing a new solar panel on the travel trailer, along with new batteries for the panel, as well as welding a rack onto the back of the trailer for extra storage. We are so grateful for this huge gift.


We were in Southern California during this month visiting churches. One of these churches was in Thousand Oaks, CA, who's pastor is a retired missionary from BMM who ministered in Peru many years ago. What an amazing time of fellowship and remembering Peru! We would ask that you pray for them and the ministry there, that the Lord would continue to strengthen, grow, and encourage this work for the purpose of showing God's glory through their lives. For Easter, we spent our last Sunday with our dear friends in Larkspur. These folks invited us into their homes and lives and were our "home away from home." They will be greatly missed.


We have now begun our march out of California. We were blessed to have one last meeting in California, this time in Concord with one of Becky's pastors, from when she was in middle school. We truly enjoyed our time at Tabernacle Baptist Church, as we were able to get to know many who have the same desire to reach their own communities for Christ. From there we dropped into Arizona for a couple days to visit Bob's dad and to prepare for the rest of our trip East. The next Sunday, we were in Las Cruces, NM presenting at a church plant, Mountain View Baptist Church. We have known the pastor for several years and had a great time with everyone there. We were encouraged to see their passion for the lost, of the desire to teach sound Biblical truths, and of the building the body of Christ. The rest of the month will be spent in Colorado, visiting churches from the southwest to the southeast.

The Months Ahead

Starting in May, we continue our trek east, starting at our home church, Olivet Baptist Church in Westwood, KS. From there, we travel to Iowa and Minnesota, then ultimately Cleveland, OH, where we will attend the Tri-Annual Conference at BMM.

Thank you!

Thanks to each and every one of you who have given to us in one way or another, as the Lord directed and burdened your hearts. We are truly thankful. We may not have the opportunity to appropriately show you our gratitude this side of heaven, but we pray that God reward you abundantly for your love and care for us and for those that are lost and dying in Peru! 


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