Update on Our Vehicle

We are in Kanas City! Excited to be at our Home Church tomorrow to report to them on what the Lord has been doing with us this summer! 
Our trek west confirmed that our truck has some issues. Before our journey, we had a tune-up done, in which the mechanic wanted to do a very costly repair to the transfer case (which we thought was the problem, as well), but due to the timeframe, the mechanic could not complete the work before our journey. 
We barely made it to Kansas City, still thinking our issue was the transfer case. Well, thank the Lord for protecting us from getting the work done, because it turns out that it's not the transfer case at all, but rather the whole back end. We are very blessed that we even made it to KC.

We have a Christian mechanic in the area that is looking into all the options available, however,
 all options take time and money. We are confident in God's continual leading and guiding and are coveting your prayers at this time! 


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