October Update

We are so grateful to report that just a couple short weeks ago, we received word that another church voted to support us! This now takes us to 57%! We waited to send out official word in hopes of other potential support, but in the difficult economic time our beloved country is facing, we realize that the normal process for churches to begin supporting new missionaries is lengthened even more. Even though the economy is supposedly improving, we often find that it is the church that sees this improvement last, not the first, as it should be. We are not discouraged in this; we are confident that God is in control of ALL things! We believe this whole-heartedly – don't you? The belief that God is sovereign in our lives should make our lives different! This has been one of our challenges and it is our heart’s desire that we not only believe it, but live it, as we should. I have to be honest, it has truly changed how we live and how we proceed in the ministry to which God has called us!

A few weeks back we spent some time in Kansas at two of our supporting churches. What great blessings we received! We were so encouraged and strengthened spiritually. Even more exciting is that during one service, we saw three individuals make decisions for the Lord! How thrilling to see how God used us, alongside the pastor of that ministry! Over the last couple months, we have been re-working our ministry presentation video, so we were grateful to be able to show it during these visits. 

Since we left Kansas, we have been traveling throughout Colorado presenting our ministry. It looks like we will spend most of the winter here. Currently, we have meetings scheduled through the end of January and have been trying to solidify several other potential meetings. We are thankful for many individuals who have assisted us in scheduling more meetings in Colorado. 


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