Saturday, November 8, 2014

First Month in Peru

We are grateful  to report that we are in Peru! Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement, as we finished our Pre-Field Ministry! 

Language School started on October 20thand will last about six months. During this time, Becky will be translating and adapting some material to be used as a Spanish primer, as well as other materials for our future ministry in the jungle! Bob will be working hard toward preaching and teaching in Spanish!

During the last few weeks, we have accomplished a lot, as many of you have seen on Facebook and other short e-mail messages we have sent out. We are so thankful that our in-country residency-visa process, which we explained in our presentation and other letters we have sent, has been completed. We thank our Lord and Savior and each and every one of you, for your prayers, as we went through this process. Dealing with any government has the potential to be difficult and the process long and drawn-out. However, our process went incredibly smoothly.

During this time Becky and I both had our first bouts with sickness. This is to be expected, especially since we are always crammed in small buses with more people than you can imagine – it’s like an extremely over-crowed cattle truck, on its long drive to the slaughter house. Just a little joke there, folks! During all this, the Lord has kept us safe and we are excited for the next steps to come. Please pray with us that we would remain healthy!

Already we are working toward building relationships with people in our own community. Just down the road from our apartment is a little shop where Keneth, the shop owner, sells local honey and fresh-roasted coffee from the jungle! Also, our “casera” Evelyn sells fresh, local fruit. Because she is our “casera,” we buy exclusively from her, and she often gives us “yappa’s,” which is extra, free produce! We have had opportunity to share Christ with both of these individuals. Keneth is driving us to church tomorrow, so we are praying especially for him! This is so exciting and is such a good way to practice Spanish!

We can never say enough how much we appreciate each and every one of you, who have and continue to believe in us and who stand behind us. We are an extension of you and your ministries, as the Lord allows us to serve here in Peru. The Lord has overwhelmingly blessed us each step of the way, and we know each of your prayers have been answered in our lives!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ordination and Peru Plans

Prayer Cards and Photos of our Deputation Travels

On Saturday, August 23rd, Bob met with the Ordination Council at our Home Church. Sunday was the Ordination Ceremony and Commissioning Service. We had several special guests travel many miles to be with and support us during these special events. 

Presentation of Bob's Ordination Council
Pastor Anderson's Commendation
Prayers for Bob

Months and years of study, preparation, experience, talking, debating, and praying went into this weekend! Praise the Lord that this time was so special and encouraging. This event is not an end-all to learning! Life is about learning and growing to be more and more like HIM each day!

Rev Fulks giving the Church his Commendation
Presentation to the Church
Such Encouraging Words

Also, we are encouraged to receive word that both of our Visas have been approved and are being sent by cable to the Peruvian Consulate in Chicago. We will leave next week for Chicago for the week to finish this process! 

We are now in the final stages of preparation to leave for Peru. Our "Outfit and Passage" account is coming along well. Of the $33,000 needed, we only need $5,000 left. We pray these remaining funds will come in quickly, as they will be needed to purchase a vehicle. 

Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Arrow Island Adventure VBS 2014 from Robert Bass on Vimeo.

This July, we had an opportunity to help at VBS in one of our supporting churches. Here are some of the Adventures we had on ARROW ISLAND!
Music Used:
Both on Album "Hawaiian Luau Party Music: Traditional Music of Hawaii" by Artists Hawaiian Music Party Squad (2009)
on Album Josh Wilson by Artist Josh Wilson (2010)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Going to Peru Checklist

  • -100% of Monthly Support - CHECK
  • -Sell Truck - CHECK 
  • -Pack for Peru - In Process…finish this week
  • -Raise Funds for "Outfit and Passage"- Almost 50%
  • -Raise $175/mo for National Pastor's Assistance Fund - One of our Biggest Needs right now! 

Thanks for Praying, Friends!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Praise the Lord - He Gave the Increase!

Exciting News to Share!

We are incredibly excited to share with you that we have officially arrived at 100% of our needed monthly support! We are tremendously encouraged to reach this important goal! Even though we have arrived at 100%, this means that we have raised only the minimum amount necessary for us to be able to leave for Peru. If the Lord is still leading you to consider further supporting this ministry monthly, please let us know.  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Story of Lucho - Out of the Fire, Into Deliverance

God delivered Lucho out of the fiery flames.

People knew him as Lucho, but his official name was Luis Agüero Agüero. Born around 1920, he was the son of a wealthy Peruvian landowner, his child through an affair with a poor Indian girl. To deal with the stigma of his birth and the taunts he received, Lucho became tough.
When missionary Bob Whatley (now emeritus) met him, Lucho was the foreman of a work gang for a large company putting in a jungle road. Bob said that Lucho was not above ranting and raving or planting a heavy boot into a negligent worker’s pants to get his point across.
One night in the late 1960s, God providentially caused Bob to arrive at Lucho’s worksite in the jungle town of Pilcopata. Just then Bob heard an explosion at a building; Lucho ran out, covered in flames, yelling, “Me muero! me muero!” (I am dying! I am dying!) Lucho’s kerosene lantern had caused a 55-gallon drum of gasoline to explode.
Bob managed to pull Lucho into a rain barrel, but Lucho was burned from head to toe. His prognosis was not good. When Bob visited him in the hospital six days later, he had not slept a wink because of excruciating pain. Bob explained the gospel to this hardened man, showing him that Christ died to pay for his sins, was buried, and was raised the third day, according to 1 Corinthians 15: 3, 4.  Bob showed him John 6: 47 where Christ said, “He that believeth on me hath everlasting life.”  Lucho readily believed and passed from death to life. When Bob visited him the next day, before he was transferred to a burn center in Lima, Lucho said he had slept like a log the whole night!
At the burn center, within Lucho’s hearing, the doctors callously made bets that he would not survive. But he did. It took a whole year, and Lucho made it back to his old job, this time as a new creation in Christ. After his retirement, the BMM missionaries at the Urubamba Bible college hired Lucho. They needed a trusted person as a jack-of-all-trades on campus.
When Lucho Agüero was converted by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, he was a changed person.  He became a faithful man, going further than many in faithfulness toward people.  Once, Bob had to intervene when Lucho felt that Bob was being threatened and he raised his cane to strike the person. Bob said, “I have no doubt that Lucho would have laid down his life for either Betty [Bob’s wife] or me.  I would have done the same for him.”
Lucho entered Heaven in 2011, where he now enjoys his eternal reward from the Lord and Master who saved him and spared his life so that he could serve Him another 40 years, faithfully. 

We had the wonderful opportunity to know Lucho during our first trips to Peru!
The ministry misses him greatly!

Saturday, May 24, 2014


“The measure of a life, after all, is not in its duration but its donation.” 
-Corrie ten Boom.

Currently, we are at 95% of our needed support. We are tremendously encouraged, as we see this part of Pre-field Ministries coming to a close! The Lord has taught us many lessons and has enabled us to get to know so many of you, who have a burden for missions, both in foreign lands and in our own homeland! Thank you so much for praying us toward reaching this huge goal! We hope to be able to send you another update within a couple weeks, letting you know that we have reached 100%. We have several good possibilities for new support, so it’s very possible we’ll reach our goal soon!

Friday, January 31, 2014

January News

Well, it's the last day in January and we are supposed to leave for eastern Utah tomorrow morning. Hopefully we can get out! The snow flakes are *huge* here in western Colorado! 

Also, we have some exciting news! We recently asked you to pray that the Lord would provide 80% by the end of this month and we are excited to let you know that we just reached 80.01%. ALL GLORY TO GOD! 

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers!

Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 Year-At-A-Glance, Year of Blessings!

Please watch our "2013 Year-At-A-Glance" Video:

Or Watch on Vimeo: Bass 2013 Year of Blessings!

Blessed Year: January 1, 2014 marks two years that we have been on full-time deputation. During this time, we have seen God provide in ways that we cannot explain nor comprehend. We have seen His provision of a vehicle, as well as those that helped us keep it maintained. He has provided us a “moveable home,” which allowed us to remain mobile. We are so thrilled that God has provided 72% of our needed support!

Beyond all of this, we have made many new friends and developed lifelong relationships and partnerships in the ministry all along the way! We have been touched greatly, as God allowed us to get to know YOU. We have been allowed to minister alongside many of you. We experienced inevitable moments of sadness, and mourning as you have had loved ones pass into eternity or have had friends and family walk away from the Lord. We have rejoiced in and through you, as we have seen many individuals choose to obey God! We rejoiced with you when your friends and neighbors have come to know Christ as their Savior! We realize that none of this is any of our own doing, but rather it is evidence of God’s grace that has allowed us to be tools in His service, at His appointed time and place! We give all glory to God for everything that He allows into our lives - the joys and the sorrows!

As we entered the new year, our hope and prayer is that you will take time to remember what God did both in and through you in 2013. I hope you will be amazed by the mighty God we serve and I pray that this reflection will cause you to LOVE God more and to serve Him more faithfully!