First Month in Peru

We are grateful  to report that we are in Peru! Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement, as we finished our Pre-Field Ministry! 

Language School started on October 20thand will last about six months. During this time, Becky will be translating and adapting some material to be used as a Spanish primer, as well as other materials for our future ministry in the jungle! Bob will be working hard toward preaching and teaching in Spanish!

During the last few weeks, we have accomplished a lot, as many of you have seen on Facebook and other short e-mail messages we have sent out. We are so thankful that our in-country residency-visa process, which we explained in our presentation and other letters we have sent, has been completed. We thank our Lord and Savior and each and every one of you, for your prayers, as we went through this process. Dealing with any government has the potential to be difficult and the process long and drawn-out. However, our process went incredibly smoothly.

During this time Becky and I both had our first bouts with sickness. This is to be expected, especially since we are always crammed in small buses with more people than you can imagine – it’s like an extremely over-crowed cattle truck, on its long drive to the slaughter house. Just a little joke there, folks! During all this, the Lord has kept us safe and we are excited for the next steps to come. Please pray with us that we would remain healthy!

Already we are working toward building relationships with people in our own community. Just down the road from our apartment is a little shop where Keneth, the shop owner, sells local honey and fresh-roasted coffee from the jungle! Also, our “casera” Evelyn sells fresh, local fruit. Because she is our “casera,” we buy exclusively from her, and she often gives us “yappa’s,” which is extra, free produce! We have had opportunity to share Christ with both of these individuals. Keneth is driving us to church tomorrow, so we are praying especially for him! This is so exciting and is such a good way to practice Spanish!

We can never say enough how much we appreciate each and every one of you, who have and continue to believe in us and who stand behind us. We are an extension of you and your ministries, as the Lord allows us to serve here in Peru. The Lord has overwhelmingly blessed us each step of the way, and we know each of your prayers have been answered in our lives!


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