2015 Year-in-Review

During 2015 we are grateful to have experienced God´s providing hand each step of our path! We give Him all honor and glory for what He did this year and for what He will do in the years to come.

Peru's famous World Wonder: Machu Picchu
We began 2015 completing the require language study at the Spanish Christian School in Lima. Additionally, we attended Iglesia Evangélica Bautista de Salamanca and helped in several ministries during our time in Lima. Becky helped teach several ladies Bible studies, as well as used her talents during several special events for the ladies. Bob spoke several times, including the teens Sunday School. We are thankful for the church in Salamanca and for our language teachers, who also attend that church. They made us feel at home and for that, we are grateful!

Manuel, a special little boy for our family, handmade Bob this wooden ship! Was a special gift!

In January, we were privileged to put our language studies to the test during a medical missions trip to the mountains outside of Lima along with one of our fellow missionary families and their church from the States. Bob was in charge of logistics and Becky translated for one of the visiting dentists. We learned a lot that week and were both challenged in our language skills. Becky was also privileged to help lead one of the Peruvian dentists to the Lord that week. The Lord blessed greatly!

February brought with it big blessings, as we were able to purchase a used Toyota Hilux truck. Purchasing the vehicle at this time gave Bob adequate time to complete the paperwork, as well as the needed repairs and updates to make the truck jungle worthy. Since we were in Lima, we were able to do research and look around for the best deals. We now have a vehicle that can safely get us around the rough, unstable jungle roads!

Our truck is called "el sajino" which is the name for a jungle pig of our region known for its ability to roam the jungle with ease!

During our time in Lima, we were privileged to host people in our apartment many times, and became very close with several families in our neighborhood. To this day, those friendships continue and we pray for the salvation of many that we were able to meet. We are very grateful for the time we had in Lima.

Enjoying the famous Nazca Lines!

In July, we finally moved to Cusco. Bob made the two-day trip in the truck along with a friend from Lima. Becky flew the next day, after finishing the cleanup of our apartment. During this transition, we found out that due to the pregnancy of the wife of our national pastor, our national team would need to leave the jungle for several months in order to prepare for and to recover from the birth of their son. This would leave the church in the jungle without a pastor for several months.  Because of this, we requested special permission to do our internship in the jungle, in order to assist in the ministries, while our team was in Cusco. We were able to thus begin our internship through being in constant communication with our senior missionaries to consult on different situations we were facing in order to get direction and counsel.

Pineapple Plant - it takes 2 years to produce one pineapple :)

Then in a quick survey trip in late July, Bob found a home to rent in the community of Pilcopata and returned to Cusco for supplies and to pick up Becky. We returned in August and began doing needed repairs to our rental home. The home had not been inhabited for the previous four years and the jungle was literally destroying it. Thankfully by the end of the year, we had a home that was suitable for our family, as well as for any visitors we may have in the future.

Upon our arrival we immediately jumped into ministry. Bob helped with the music ministry, began preparing his preaching series for when the national pastor left for Cusco, as well as doing Bible studies in the homes of our church members. Becky played the piano for the church services, as well as helped with the children’s ministry. By October when our national team left for Cusco, Bob began a preaching series at church, teaching on the basic doctrines of the Bible.

Bob with an Anaconda~ 
Along with our normal church ministries, our days and weeks are currently filled with visiting church members, as well as other contacts from the community, in their homes or fields and doing Bible studies. Additionally, we have already been doing survey trips to surrounding communities to see the viability of beginning future churches in these areas. Our goal is begin Bible studies in these communities in 2016 in order to prepare for a future church plant. 

Becky is always monkeying-around! 

Our first guests came in November, when Bob´s friend/ language teacher came for three months. He came to help in many areas of the ministry, as well as to continue to challenge Bob in language acquisition. Additionally, Bob´s mother came in December and stayed with us for two months. She, too, helped in several areas, including projects at home and helping to kick off a ladies ministry with Becky.

Bob's mother Terry and Becky teaching a sewing class for the church ladies!

Bob and Jhon (correct spelling) a child from our jungle church!

This year Becky has also been finishing her Masters degree in Biblical Counseling. Her thesis will be turned in by the end of March of 2016. The topic of her thesis deals with infertility.

The church families with whom we work at Iglesia Bautista de Pillcopata (Pillcopata Baptist Church)!

We are excited about 2016 and what the Lord is doing in Pilcopata and surrounding communities. We pray that the Lord would continue to lead and guide and to show us His will concerning the future for jungle ministry in Southern Peru. We have many exciting plans for future ministries and look to the Lord for His guidance in each! Thank you for your prayers and support. God has protected us from many dangers and has blessed in ways that only prayers can provide! Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for us and for the Word of God to have an open door in the jungles of Peru!

In Grace Alone,

Bob and Becky Bass


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