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Although the last few weeks have been difficult, the Lord has bountifully provided for us and has lovingly protected us from the situations we faced. It was a wonderful reminder to us of all of the amazing gifts God gives to His children.

A few weeks ago, we took a scheduled trip to Lima for several reasons. While in Lima, we also took advantage of being in an area with good medical care to have Becky’s thyroid checked. She had been struggling the last few weeks in the jungle and the check up proved necessary.

During our time in Lima, we were invited on a short trip to the southern coastal city of Ica, where we would enjoy some activities there, including riding four-wheelers and motorcycles on the sand dunes. Unfortunately, Bob suffered an accident on the first day of the trip and ended up needing surgery for an AC joint separation, which means that his clavicle bone separated from his shoulder. In turn this injury tore the ligaments connecting those bones. Additionally, he suffered multiple fractures and bruising of his ribs, as well as deep bruising on his body. Thankfully, we did not face a life-threatening situation and are grateful to have received excellent medical care at the clinic in Lima where we ultimately took Bob.  The Lord lovingly protected us from a crooked doctor in Ica, which is why we chose to return to Lima.

Because of our extended time in Lima that the recovery has given us, we have been able to reconnect with friends from our time in Lima, as well as gain some new friends the Lord put into our path. Please pray for Juan Antonio. We met him on a day that we had appointments. Bob had the opportunity to speak with Juan for over three hours about his spiritual condition. They exchanged numbers and have been in contact ever since.

Due to this accident, we have had to delay our return to the jungle in order for Bob to recover. Unfortunately, the jungle environment, which is hot and humid, is not a good place to recover, as infection can easily set into a wound. Our current plan to return to the jungle is on the sixth of June, pending clearance from Bob’s doctor.

So, with all of this, please pray for:

1  1).   The ministries in the jungle. We have been in constant communication with our national pastor and the members of the church. The pastor is doing a wonderful job in our absence and even had a successful Mother’s Day event for the ladies of our church!

    2).   Bob’s healing. The last stage of his healing will be to remove the pins connecting his shoulder and clavicle bones. He will have one titanium screw located on the underside of the bones that have been essential in helping the ligaments reattach. The doctor has been happy with how he is healing and says that Bob will eventually regain his full strength and mobility. Praying for that to be the case!

    3).   Becky’s health. Thankfully her thyroid levels have once again stabilized and because of that fact, she is feeling much better. Additionally, a special “Thank You!” to those who prayed for her, as she finished her Masters Thesis! She received an excellent report and has since graduated with her Masters in Biblical Counseling with a 4.0 GPA. We would love to share her Thesis entitled “He Chose to Call Me Barren: Experiencing God through Infertility.” Please contact us if you would like for us to send it to you!

    4).   Future ministry plans. Currently, our plan is to return to the jungle the first week in June. We have a very busy June and July planned, as we have two groups and a special church anniversary celebration planned during these months.
Additionally, we are thankful to be nearing the end of our first year of ministry in the jungle. Over the next few months, we hope to begin Bible studies in neighboring towns with hopes of a future church plant. Pray for God’s direction in these future plans!

Again, we want to thank you so much for your love and care for the ministries in the jungle.


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