Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are Bob and Becky Bass, BMM missionary appointees to Peru, South America. Our sending church is Olivet Baptist Church, located in the greater Kansas City area. Becky has a BA in Biblical Studies, Music and Spanish. Bob has a BA in Evangelism and Missions and a Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling.

When we get to Peru, we will work with an established missionary team consisting of several BMM missionaries, two of whom are Tim and Barbara Whatley and their family. Barbara is Becky’s sister, and we have been honored to work with them on numerous trips.

Becky and I believe the Lord is directing us to the jungles, where there are very few Bible-believing, Bible-teaching churches. The jungle covers over 60% of Peru. As Paul felt in Romans 15, we believe the Lord calling us to communities where there are NO churches preaching the Gospel.

Upon our arrival, our first goal is to develop a strong team with 2-3 national families that have the same desire and passion to reach the jungle for Christ. Because we have taken several trips to Peru, we have already begun the search for like-minded, spiritually-mature families, who can minister with us. We have one family who is already committed as part of this team! 

Our desire is to plant God- honoring churches and to establish other ministries, including various counseling and soccer ministries. We do not endeavor to “go it alone,” but rather to train, to support, and to encourage our national team, always striving to “work ourselves out of a job.” 

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