20/20 Vision

Recently, Bob and I both had eye surgery to correct our physical visual impairment. It was a painful process for me, as I received the LASEK procedure, because I have a thin cornea. However, for Bob is was fairly painless (after the initial procedure was over) and his recovery was quick! I had about 2 days where I couldn't even open my eyes, so I did a lot of thinking and praying. The whole process made me think about our spiritual lives and how we are all so spiritually short-sighted, myself included. It's so easy to be consumed by our daily routine and the people immediately around us, that we don't even consider those outside of our sphere of influence.

In the whole process leading up to surgery, I learned that having 20/20 vision means that one can see 20% of the detail up to 20 meters away. Wow...only 20% of the detail. I want greater than that. Apparently, in a couple weeks, our eyesight will be greater than that...my physical eyesight that is.

How about my spiritual eyesight? Do I only concern myself with 20% of the people and ministry around me? Is it more? Is it LESS?? It is time for some personal reflection and some evaluation of my time and money.

I guess that is why missions has always been my calling. I want to go. I want to share. I want to give. No, I am not perfect. No, I do not know everything that is taught in the Bible. But, I want to; I strive to.

May God give me Spiritual Lasik to correct my short-sighted spiritual vision, so I can be a better missionary for Him!


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