Mysterious Ways

On planning our trip to Peru, one of the things that we were anticipating was the trip into the jungle interior. This trip was to last 4-5 weeks, as two of those weeks were lost in travel time. One week there. One week back. Two days by road and five by boat. That's a long trip and an exhausting one!

However, we love that kind of ministry. Pioneering. Difficult. Challenging. We love it!

Well, the Lord had other plans and we did not get to go on this trip. You see, it was election year in Peru and well, they do things a bit differently that we do in the States. In their election process, they have several "rounds." In the initial stages, one candidate is chosen for each party. Then in "Round 1," if there is no clear winner, then there is another election with the top two contenders.

When we arrived in Peru, Round One was done but the percentages were too close, so the top two contenders (Humala and Fujimori) advanced to Round Two. And...this second election was going to take place smack dab in the middle of our jungle trip. So, this meant that the residents (aka the full-time missionaries) needed to stay behind and vote. It was an important, VERY important election.

Since we did not get to travel to the jungle interior, we decided to take a different jungle trip, this one would only be 7 days and to a different area of the jungle. One that would only take 8 hours and no boat ride.

This is where we traveled. The area is called Kóshñipata and it has no Bible-teaching church. No Gospel witness. The area is riddled with drug trafficking and the influence of the hippy-lifestyle.

The Lord was gracious to allow us to visit this place. He showed us a need. We felt the calling and plan to return there and begin a ministry to these needy people.

We are now on pre-field ministry, meaning that we have been accepted by Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM) as missionary appointees and are seeking support from churches throughout America wanting to partner with us in this area of ministry. We covet your prayers. Its a tough time for many people and business with the economy the way it is. However, our God is greater than our circumstances. He will provide where He has called and we grab hold of those promises of provision!

We look forward sharing our stories and photos with you in the days to come! Thanks so much for your prayers and support!


  1. Thanks for the update. Hope you found some housing... Let me know on FB if you havent, I might be able to think of some more people who may have a place for you to stay.


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