Missionary Survival Kit

Recently we presented our ministry to Peru at a church in Wichita. This church is special for many reasons, one of which is their passion for the lost and hurting. They truly love each other like a family and were committed to helping each other both in and out of church!

When we were there, they committed to be a part of our ministry. They will be one of those supporting churches that will really be involved with us, which is truly exciting! 

One of the special things they did for us is to give us a Missionary Survival Kit.

Missionary Survival Kit
for Bob and Becky Bass

1. ALMOND JOY - Represents the "JOY" you bring to those around you.

2. LOLLIPOPS - These will help you "LICK" any problems you might have.

3.PEANUTS - Because it is okay to act "NUTTY" sometimes.

4. MOUNDS - This is for the "MOUNDS" of work there is to do.

5. ENERGIZER BATTERY - So you can keep "GOING" and "GOING."

6. PIECE OF STRING - To help you "TIE" up any loose ends.

7. SKITTLES - For the "RAINBOWS" of love you have for your fellow man.

8. STARBURSTS - Because sometimes you need a "BURST" of energy.

9. SMARTIES - These will help you make "WISE" decisions.

10. SNICKERS - No matter what happens, always remember to take time to laugh.

11. REECE'S PIECES - You are important "PIECES" in the Lord's ministry.

12. - I AM LOVED BUTTONS - To let you know you are loved by the congregation at Westlink Regular Baptist Church. But even more important is that you are loved by GOD.

We are so thankful to each of you who have encouraged us, since we have been on full-time deputation.This has been a challenging and rewarding time. We are truly blessed!!!

Here's the great group at Westlink Regular Baptist Church:


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