About a week ago, we wrote an e-mail to our asking for prayers for our
   vehicle situation. We had a very reliable '93 Toyota 4-Runner, but it
   didn't have the power we needed to pull our small utility trailer over
   the mountains. On Sunday, June 10th, we were in Hotchkiss, CO and had a
   wonderful time with the believers there. We stayed a few extra days, so
   Bob could help with their church's remodeling project. One afternoon,
   they let him off early, so we could go talk to a dealership in Delta.
   They did not have anything that could work for us in our current
   financial situation; however, right outside of town, we stopped to look
   at a vehicle on the side of the road that had a for sale sign in the
   window. It was a 2001 GMC Yukon, the same vehicle that we drove at the
   dealership. Through conversation with the owner, we realized it might
   be possible to do a straight-across trade of our vehicles.

   After doing a pre-purchase inspection, seeking good counsel, and
   praying much over the situation,  we agreed to the trade. Yesterday,
   Tuesday, June 20, 2012, Bob and the owner of the Yukon met halfway in
   Gunnison, CO for the trade!  We are so thankful for God's guidance and
   direction in this situation! The Yukon is more spacious and has the
   power that we need.

   Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers for this situation!

   Bittersweet day for the 1993 Toyota 4-Runner

1993 Toyota 4-Runner

   We are so grateful for how this vehicle handled for us. Bob spent many
   hours fixing her and it was a bit difficult, as you can see, to get rid
   of her! :)


Praise the Lord!!!

   We are so thankful that the Lord answered our prayers so quickly for
   this "new" vehicle!


'01 GMC Yukon

   Our new vehicle has the power to get us over the mountains and has more
   room than our 4-Runner! We are so grateful for this answer to prayers!


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