So Missionaries Are Human After All~

  So, what happens the night before Sunday's meeting, when a missionary
   forgets his suit coat, prayer cards, and presentation DVD, all of which
   are a two-hour trip away? Well, first he gets frustrated and maybe even
   pouts a little… not that that ever happens! Hahaha! He then gathers
   himself up off the floor and decides to call the pastor of the morning
   church to ask about the suit coat. The first problem has been diverted,
   since the pastor said the coat is not an issue. At this point, the
   missionary doesn't ask the pastor about the other issues, because he is
   still unaware of the missing prayer cards and DVD. Sunday morning after
   realizing he didn't bring the presentation DVD, he pouts again until he
   remembers that he can download a copy of the DVD from the Internet. But
   wait, his brother-in-law doesn’t have wireless Internet that is needed
   for the project. Good thing he has a smart phone! Crisis diverted! All
   is well, until he drives another two hours to his morning meeting and
   is setting up his display, when he realizes he has left the extra
   prayer cards at home, which is now about three hours away. So with only
   10 prayer cards, all of which are gone within the first ten minutes,
   and a meeting scheduled in the evening at a different church, he
   frantically calls their niece, whom he begs to drive a two-hour trip to
   get prayer cards for the evening service.

   This sure was a learning moment for us, to help us be better-prepared
   for our meetings. However, I have to say, it doesn’t compare to one
   missionary story I heard recently. This missionary family was so happy
   to be preparing for their first meeting. They loaded their car topper
   in their garage but didn't realize how tall it was. As they pulled out
   of their garage, they completely ripped off the topper from their
   vehicle, because they were too tall!  I guess we all have our moments!
   (Did I get the story right, Charley? Maybe not, but that’s how I
   remember it!) We are so grateful that one of the qualifications to
   being a missionary is NOT perfection! God does, however, want willing


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