POWER in Prayer

We are delighted and thankful to report that another church has joined us, as one of our faithful supporters! That puts our support level at 30.3%! This is exciting and reminds us that our goal of 50% by the end of 2012 might still be attainable by the end of this month, as many churches will be voting in the coming weeks about our possible support. Would you commit to pray that we reach 50% support by the end of January? Would you consider partnering with us in reaching the unreached through financial and prayer support? 

You may remember our last e-mail concerning a recent law to Peru that foreign-mission agencies have 10,000 members in order to receive their annual visas. Currently the number of missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions is 30 members. There is suspicion that the militant sect of Catholics, Corpus Dei, are behind this law, which many lawyers have deemed unconstitutional. President Ollanta Humala could sign a modification to the law which would reduce the number of members to 120 or no limit at all. It is not likely that the president will sign either of these modifications, as he has been given numerous opportunities to do so, and has refused. The last opportunity for him to sign one of these modifications is January 18th, as the following day, the law goes into effect. 

We have known for some time that president Humala has had ties to many in the communist party. January 12, 2013 Humala took a controversial trip to Cuba. According to website, www.peruthisweek.com, they stated, "Humala also met with Fidel Castro, with whom he had a conversation, which 'emphasized the long tradition of friendship and cooperation that unites the Peruvian and Cuban peoples,' a Peruvian government spokesperson said, according to El Comercio." (El Comercio is a Peruvian newspaper; link to article found below). There is cause for prayer! We know the Lord is in control of these situations. We are praying for our fellow missionaries in Peru, some of whom have been established there for years. They are the ones who are dealing with the uncertainties on a daily basis.

Would you please join us in praying for the future of missions in Peru, especially over the next few days?



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