2013 Year-At-A-Glance, Year of Blessings!

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Blessed Year: January 1, 2014 marks two years that we have been on full-time deputation. During this time, we have seen God provide in ways that we cannot explain nor comprehend. We have seen His provision of a vehicle, as well as those that helped us keep it maintained. He has provided us a “moveable home,” which allowed us to remain mobile. We are so thrilled that God has provided 72% of our needed support!

Beyond all of this, we have made many new friends and developed lifelong relationships and partnerships in the ministry all along the way! We have been touched greatly, as God allowed us to get to know YOU. We have been allowed to minister alongside many of you. We experienced inevitable moments of sadness, and mourning as you have had loved ones pass into eternity or have had friends and family walk away from the Lord. We have rejoiced in and through you, as we have seen many individuals choose to obey God! We rejoiced with you when your friends and neighbors have come to know Christ as their Savior! We realize that none of this is any of our own doing, but rather it is evidence of God’s grace that has allowed us to be tools in His service, at His appointed time and place! We give all glory to God for everything that He allows into our lives - the joys and the sorrows!

As we entered the new year, our hope and prayer is that you will take time to remember what God did both in and through you in 2013. I hope you will be amazed by the mighty God we serve and I pray that this reflection will cause you to LOVE God more and to serve Him more faithfully!


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