We Made It!!!

Thank you for your prayers, as prepared to leave for Peru! We arrived on September 25, 2014 at 4:30am! It was a long day, getting from Kansas City - Dallas - Miami - Lima. We had 10 checked bags and 4 carry-ons.

Many of you prayed for us about an immediate luggage "crisis." Up until very recently, there was not a strict baggage limit regulation, as long as the flight was not during an embargo. One could pay a fee to take extra baggage. On one trip to Peru, one missionary took 52 bags between husband and wife. Granted, that was a couple decades ago, but we found out that airline regulations change rapidly.

On the Monday before our flight, we called to confirm our tickets, and per our travel agent's request, let the airline know that we had extra baggage. However, we were abruptly told we could not take our extra bags (only 5 each).
After taking an extra breath and saying a prayer, we started looking at options. There were very few options, but miraculously, the Lord answered our prayer and provided our first guest, who has agreed to take the extra baggage with him! He will arrive the first week of November. We are so thankful for how the Lord works! Isn't it fun to just watch Him answer prayers, we didn't even know we had? :)


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