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The Jungle Chronicles - July 2017 Edition



April was a busy month, as we focused on teachings surrounding Easter or what we call Resurrection Sunday. Traditionally people in our area are incorrectly taught that they should only eat fish during this cultural holy week because that is what Christ ate. While we did teach on why this practice is unbiblical, we focused on the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God!

April also brought a huge blessing in that the Lord allowed us to purchase a small piece of property on which to build our home in the town of Salvación. Originally we received permission from the town engineer to move forward with building a facility that would house the church and other ministries. However after buying the property, the mayor who is Adventist blocked us from being able to move forward with these plans. We know the Lord’s plans are different from our own and we trust that His plans are best! The believers have been giving their tithes and offerings and we pray that we can purchase property for the church within the next couple years.

During this month, Becky started a new ministry for our local teenage girls called “Señoritas para el Señor.” The desire is to provide a fun, safe environment to do activities, as well as go through a Bible study specifically for teen girls.


May brought some exciting times both personally and in the ministry. Bob’s mom came in May to help us for two months! Her presence allowed Becky to be involved in different ministries to a greater extent.
At the church we had a special Mother’s Day service and had several visitors. One young man whom Bob was able to lead to the Lord last fall brought his entire family, who are Catholics. This young man has since moved to the capital city of Lima to be close to his fiancé and child. We are praying for the salvation of his entire family!

Our big activity in May was a medical campaign with a group from ORH (Operation Renewed Hope). During the four-day campaign, this huge 40-person group was able to see over 1,000 patients in two different communities. Over 100 people accepted Christ as a result of the one-on-one introduction to the Gospel. We are still working on the follow-up from this ministry!


June kept the same busy pace. We had our special Father’s Day service, at which we had some visitors from the community. Our special speaker for Father’s Day, Larry Fogle, was also our special speaker for our 2nd Annual Family Conference, which we hope to have each year. This year the conference went from Wednesday to Sunday. Each night we increased in number, almost doubling our original attendance by Sunday. Two families that have been regularly attending our church services faithfully came each night, bringing different members of their family. During the conference church members made some exciting decisions.

One of the issues in our area is that people don’t usually get married. It’s an epidemic throughout Peru, especially in the jungle. We had one couple who has been faithfully attending the church decide to get married on August 31st! Bob is privileged to be able to officiate the wedding. Another couple would like to get married, but the man is currently not a believer. We have been working with this couple, praying that he will accept Christ. Pray with us that we can have yet another wedding this year!
We were so blessed and encouraged by the ministry of Larry Fogle here in Salvación. After our campaign, Larry had the opportunity to speak at two more family campaigns in the Cusco area. He has certainly been a blessing to all of us in Peru!

On the Saturday of the campaign, we hosted a special ladies ministry during the family campaign. Becky used her Polaroid camera to take an instant photo, which they used for the stamp craft that Bob’s mom Terry brought. We didn’t have a huge attendance, but the ladies who came really enjoyed their time! 
From ladies ministries to children ministries, the Lord greatly blessed our 2nd Annual Family Campaign! We praise the Lord for our special speaker, Larry Fogle, who is director of the PEP ministries at BMM. 

What’s ahead:

August: New radio ministry

September: Group coming to help our building project
(Please pray how you might involved financially)
-Videographer from our home church coming to help us with our furlough video

October: Medical Campaign with group from Baptist Mid-Missions

January - June 2018: Furlough

Prayer Requests:

-Co-pastor - We are praying the Lord will provide us with a national pastor and family, who can partner with us in the ministries in Salvación and further into the jungle
-Finances - $10,000 needed to finish our house, so we can live in the community where we are ministering
-Growth spiritually and physically of the new ministry in Salvación
-Furlough from January to June 2017. We need to find a travel trailer, as our schedule is extremely busy
-Other financial, physical, and spiritual needs that we have yet to understand or consider
-Continued healthy and safety for our family. We are grateful Colton has adapted to the jungle so well!

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