Sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin talking about all of the events and activities that have happened since our last prayer letter. In the last two months alone we hosted three different groups. The first group was a work team who came to help us in the construction project. The second was a young, talented couple from our home church who came down to help us with our furlough presentation video. The third group was a medical team who came to help serve in our community. All of these groups have kept us busy but blessed!

We have had some disappointments, as well. One family left the church, because we taught on giving tithes and offerings to the church and they said, “God is too expensive.” Also, a wedding was planned, but later rescheduled for next year.

However, the blessings far outweigh the disappointments. We have seen new believers who were living in sin quickly respond to biblical teaching and make significant changes in their lives. In November, we are blessed to host a membership class in our home. This four-part class goes over many aspects of faith and practice, including the Baptist Distinctives. By the time you receive this letter, we will have finished this class, baptized three people, and added four members to the church, la Iglesia Bautista Independiente de Salvación.

 Another answer to prayer is that the regional government and local justice offices have approached us about officially taking some of the counseling cases from the community. This is such an exciting step!!!

There is so much more we could say about these last busy weeks! It has been incredibly exhausting but also thrilling to watch God at work here in the jungle!

Thank you so much for your prayers for our construction. This property, called the Centro Bíblico Bautista del Manu (Baptist Bible Center of Manu), will not only house our residence but also will be used for counseling sessions, will be available to our church for activities, will be used for future medical campaigns, and Lord-willing will be used for a future Bible Institute. The on-going construction is advancing. We covet your prayers, as we try to finish the main construction before we leave for our furlough in January. We still have some needs, so if you feel lead of the Lord to help with this project, please contact us!

Our furlough will begin right after the new year and will end in mid-June. During this time we will travel from Florida to California. We are looking forward to visiting each of our supporting churches, which means visiting 30 churches in little over five months. Although our time will be very short, we want to see each of you! We covet your prayers as we plan and prepare for this important time. We hope to travel in a travel trailer or motor home, as it will help us maintain some stability, especially for our son, who is not a newcomer to changes, but will need some consistency! Please pray for us to find something suitable for our needs. Contact us, if you have some information that might help!

Thank you!!!

We pray the Lord’s blessings on you and your families, during the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas season and look forward to seeing each of you next year!


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