Su Refugio has been serving the needs of some of Peru’s most vulnerable and needy for over seven years. Many of our ministries provide for physical needs, through One Meal and other programs. However, anything we do is done with the singular, principal goal of sharing the Gospel of Jesus with each individual. This time of COVID-19 world crisis is no different. We want to share a unique opportunity we have to be a blessing during this time of great need. 

One young mom has two small children. Her husband recently left her and isn’t helping with their needs. Her job of selling small snacks on the street is now nonexistent, as the whole country is under strict quarantine. She has no money and no way to provide for her children. Even her ability to go to the market is limited because children are not allowed into the market, and she has no one with whom to leave them at home. 

Another mom just lost her job due to the Corona virus crisis. She used to work for the city, sweeping the streets and picking up trash. She has two small children and another on the way. Her husband also deserted these four precious souls. This mom called an old city mayor, desperate to find any help possible. 

The old (and young) are strictly prohibited from leaving their homes and going into markets and stores, and yet many older community members don’t have family or friends who are willing to help them during this time of need. They run the risk or starvation or braving the possibility of going into town, where the virus outbreak is happening. Going into town also exposes them to the risk of heavy fines.  

These are just a few realities we are facing here in Peru. Every few minutes, we hear of another need. As you know, Su Refugio Peru is dedicated to serving the most vulnerable throughout the country. Due to community connections the Lord has provided, we have been given permission for two men in our leadership to move around certain parts of the city. This allows us the ability to gather provisions to help the neediest among us. 

With the help of local vendors selling to us at wholesale prices, we are putting together baskets, full of basic necessities like food and soap, which should carry the burden of the quarantine. We are able to use our food program, One Meal, which will help supplement the food in the basket with additional vitamins. The total cost of these baskets are currently at $20, as long as the price for these provisions does not increase. This $20 basket would provide the needs for a family of four for one month. Additionally, the baskets will include literature with the Gospel message, which comes at a time when people have more time to read! 

We know our world is struggling. We are all facing various needs. However, should the Lord touch your heart to give to the needs of some of the most vulnerable here in Peru, we would be grateful. The more people are able to give toward these “Basket of Love” (“Canasta de Amor”), the more families we are able to help. We ask that you pray and see whether the Lord would have you give the funds needed for 1, 2, 3 or more baskets! 


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