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Yackelin - Jackie


One of the immense blessings we have enjoyed during this long quarantine has been an invisible team of people, many of whom have reached out to tell us about families with desperate needs. Through one contact, we were given a list of several people who suffer with different handicaps. This friend knew that these individuals were going to be struggling greatly because of the quarantine restrictions. In Peru there are very few government programs in place to help people who suffer with disabilities. Many of these people struggle with day-to-day existence. 


One such example is a young lady named Yackelin (Jackie). She is 22 years old and has a seven-year-old daughter. She was abused by the father of her daughter, so severely that she now has permanent physical and mental handicaps. 


Jackie’s mother suffered a surgery mishap a couple years ago and now has permanent medical problems due to the negligence.


Jackie’s sister (Abigail) is 16 and has a six-month-old baby. Sadly, she was recently diagnosed with HIV. She also has two younger brothers around the ages of 7-11. 


Her father is the only financial provider for the family. He drives a taxi using a rented vehicle. Because of the quarantine restrictions, he has not been able to work since the quarantine began.  


Then about two weeks into the quarantine, the propane tank for their stove exploded, causing a fire in their home. They have slowly been replacing boards one at a time, as they are able.


Needless to say, this family needed help and encouragement. When we visited them, the only food they had left was a small bag of rice and a head of cauliflower in their refrigerator. We were able to share Christ with this family, along with two baskets of food, due to the number of people in their home. 


One of the most important goals is to put these families in contact with a good local church, who will continue to minister to these families, even after the crisis has passed, and we were blessed to be able to do just that.


We covet your prayers for Yackelin and her family, during this time of difficulty. Pray for them to read the Bible we provided them and to reach out with any questions they may have about spiritual things. 


If you would like to help make a difference for families like Yackelin’s family, you can donate through Look for the “Donate” button and donate to Robert Bass.


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