Stories of CoVID19 PERU ~ Mary and Virginia

These are the families of Mary and Virginia. Their families have been two of the extreme cases of which we have been able to be a part here in our community. We have come to love and respect their families. They shared their stories with us and are allowing us to share with you!
In October of 2019 Mary’s health decline began with a very strong UTI. She received treatment but it didn’t seem to ever go away completely. Since that time, she has been losing weight and her hair. In November she fainted from a strong pain and was taken to the local emergency room. They did tests but only found that she was anemic and had a low hemoglobin number. They took her home, where she continued to experience these same symptoms.
Finally, in January, they took her to the hospital thinking she may have tuberculosis because she had trouble breathing, had a fever and sweats, and coughed constantly. By then, she only weighed 72 lbs (now, she's about 63 lbs). She was hospitalized, given a blood transfusion but was finally released from this hospital because the doctors could not find the main cause of her problems. Thankfully they did remove the cause of her infection, which was due to an oxidized copper, anticontraceptive device used by many poor families in Venezuela.

After almost three months trying to find medical professionals to help, they have finally been able to determine that Mary suffers from uterine fibroid tumors and polyps, from anemia which is causing a low hemoglobin count, as well as from a hyperthyroid condition. Medicines and doctor’s visit are becoming more and more difficult, especially during this time of worldwide pandemic.

Mary’s friend, Virginia and her family, decided to move Mary and her son into their house to help her, just as the quarantine began. Because of the crisis, Mary had no work, no food, and a physically debilitating medical issue, which was causing a tremendous amount of stress. Mary was grateful for her friend’s desire to help.
Then a few weeks after they moved in, Virginia began having some strange physical issues herself. It started with a strange tingling in her face. Shortly after, she suffered extreme pain on the left side of her face followed by a wrenching of the muscles. The left side of her body then began to lose all feeling until she became completely paralyzed on that side.

After taking her to three different hospitals who refused to treat her or even take basic medical measurements because of the CoVID-19 scare, Virginia’s husband found a specialized hospital who finally determined that she had high blood pressure and Bell’s palsy. The doctors told her to take a vitamin B and a specific medicine but refused to give her the needed prescription. Three private doctors later, she finally found some medicines that are working. They also determined she had a mini-stroke, which, they were told, could be an indication of a future stronger stroke.
Because there are now two women with severe medical issues in the home, another Venezuelan family moved into the home with them, so the wife could take care of these two sick women. The two men in the home try to find whatever odd-jobs they can find, which may bring in $10.00 per day. This amount does not come close to caring for the needs of these three families. For these two ladies, their condition will continue to deteriorate and could prove fatal, if they don’t get the medicines and medical attention they so desperately need.
Currently, many Venezuelans living in Peru are facing desperate needs because the majority of these refugees work to eat that day. They live hand-to-mouth. Most families ran out of money and food weeks ago and are doing whatever they can to survive. This means they must help each other.

Because of our “Baskets of Hope,” we are blessed to be able to help with some of the needs that Mary, Virginia, and their families are experiencing. Would you please pray with and for us, as we need wisdom and protection? We are gearing up for our next round of baskets, which we pray will give hope by providing for the physical needs of many families, like Mary and Virginia. Pray for our local pastors, as they meet these families and seek to have a continued relationship with them. We give the Gospel and leave tracts, as well as John and Romans, and encourage them to take this time to read and study God’s Word!

Please pray, as we continue to raise funds to provide Baskets of Hope with families like the ones mentioned! A donation of any amount can be sent to Central Missionary Clearinghouse ( (designated to Robert Bass). We pray that the Lord will take these gifts and multiply them to help many, many families with serious needs here in Peru!!! To God be the glory, great things He has done (and will do)! Don't forget to like our ministry page @ Él Refugio de Esperanza to keep up to date with what the Lord is doing here in Peru through our teams!


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