Jungle Ministries

So, what's it like to live and serve in the jungle?

The jungle is so exciting to live in a place where everything is designed to eat or be eaten - 
for survival!

These packs of caterpillars sometimes travel by the thousands. 

It is best to leave them alone!

The church bus (aka our truck) is almost always 
packed full of equipment and people!

Bob's godson, Manuel, hand carved a gift for Bob. 
It was jungle boat, complete with oars! 

Jonh and Bob after one of our special services!

These are the majority of the families at our church, 
"Iglesia Bautista de Pillcopata"

Becky and our niece, Melody! We were getting ready
 to enjoy a special cake with the church to 
celebrate the birthdays that month!

Bob, Alex (and daughter Melody), and Marco 
having prayer for Marco who served with us 
for three months and served us through music.

Sometimes, we get to monkey around. 
Living in the jungle is lots of fun! 

Rainy season in the jungle, surrounded by the beauty of God's creation!

Our area of the jungle is famous for the variety 
of butterflies! Absolutely gorgeous!

We have a half-dozen different varieties of pineapple. 
Each are delicious and distinct!

Bugs, bugs, bugs...

...and more bugs! The jungle is full of them! 

The main mode of transportation: one's own feet! 
They'll take you wherever you want to go!!

We often go help harvest jungle fruit. The main 
product is bananas! We enjoy hundreds of 
different varieties of this healthy fruit!

Our jungle hog, 'el sajino.' Our truck is made to go 
through whatever the jungle can hand us!

The view! In our area, we enjoy the 
blessings of five different rivers. 
It's a gorgeous place to live! 

Harvesting bananas!

More butterflies...too pretty to not include! 


  1. It has been a blessing to observe and serve you in the jungle. I look forward to another opportunity to minister to you where you have need.
    We continue to pray for the special needs you face while living in the jungle at the end of the road.


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