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We are Bob, Becky, and Colton Bass. We live full-time and minister in Peru, South America with Él Refugio Ministries, which we founded. We are dedicated to serving those with the greatest need. 

We have been in Peru since 2014. Our first ministry was located in the remote cloud forest / jungle region of Koshñipata, which is located about nine hours from the city of Cusco. During our time there serving as church planters, we were given the opportunity to be involved in the abuse cases in our communities and realized the problem rampant within the culture. Because of a medical health issue, we had to relocate to the coast, where we continue with this same work. 

Our task is to compliment the current ministries of Él Refugio here in Peru through starting homes that will care for the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of women and children who have been victims of abuse. We work with local churches to find personnel who will have the heart and passion to reach these hurting individuals. 

Our greatest need is prayer and financial support. Each home started has both start-up costs and monthly needs, depending on the number of children in each home. We do fundraising here in Peru and abroad in order to provide the needs of each individual. 

Yearly, we invite professionals to help us in the ministry through various outreaches. If you are a medical professional, consider coming down to help with a medical campaign in various regions of the country. If you are a musician, coffee shop owner, or nurse, consider coming down to teach skills to girls who have been trafficked. If you would like to come down and be part of the numerous evangelistic campaigns we have each year, please let us know! There is always a way to be a part of our team! 


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