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Reference #1 - 

Pastor Bruce H. Anderson

Dear Pastor:

                I have had the privilege of being the pastor for Bob and Becky Bass for the greater part of nine years.  During all this time, Bob and Becky demonstrated a desire to serve the Lord, a burden for the lost, and a special interest in missions.  They have worked hard to finish their education, pay off debts, and prepare for that day when they could totally commit themselves to where the Lord is leading. They have twice gone to Peru to work alongside the missionaries on short term projects.  They are confident that this is where God wants them to minister long term.

                I heartily recommend Bob and Becky as worthy recipients of your prayers and support.  As a church, we will do what we can to get them to the field and would value your partnership in this venture.


Bruce H. Anderson, Pastor

Olivet Baptist Church, 4901 Mission Road, Westwood, KS.  66205
(913) 384-4433

Reference #2 -

Pastor Troy Louis Lohmeyer

March 8, 2013

To whom it may concern:

I would like to introduce you to and promote the ministry of Bob and Becky Bass, missionary appointees to Peru under Baptist Mid Missions.  My wife and I first met Bob and Becky about ten years ago while I was a seminary student at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary in Ankeny, Iowa, and my wife taught speech in the college.  Though we did not have the opportunity to build a close relationship with them at that time, God has seen fit to make our paths cross once again.  I accepted a call to be the pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Kingman, Arizona, on August 27, 2012.  Since that time I have had numerous opportunities to visit with Bob and Becky, become better acquainted with them, observe their heart for ministry and dedication to serving Christ in the fields of Peru, and discuss doctrine and theology with Bob.  I see within Bob and Becky teachable spirits and a sound, growing marriage relationship that honors God, one required of ministers of the gospel.

Their desire to serve Christ on a difficult foreign field demonstrates one necessary component of the gospel ministry—a compassion for people lost in their sins.  Bob and Becky truly want to reach out with the gospel to people who have never heard the good news of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.  The jungles of Peru remain largely unexplored, uncharted waters by Bible-believing missionaries.  The Bass’s desire to go to the jungles also shows their willingness to sacrifice personal comforts for their Savior.  When they arrive on the field they will face a marked change in culture and will live without the luxuries we take for granted in the United States.  Bob and Becky accepted this change as ministers of the gospel before they pursued the ministry in Peru.  In other words, what most would view as future hardships on the field, Bob and Becky accept happily as a part of serving Christ and others in Peru.  Bob and Becky have spent time in Peru, and the missionaries there are eagerly anticipating their return; Bob and Becky have a clear vision of the many ministry opportunities awaiting them in Peru.  They have also studied the Spanish language; in fact, Becky is proficient in it, and I have had opportunity to observe Bob witness using the Spanish language here in Kingman.

For these reasons, I support and promote their ministry and pray that you would consider doing the same.  Please give prayer and thought to taking them on as missionaries via financial and prayer support and verbal encouragement.  As state-side pastors, we sometimes fail to recognize the trials and discouragements that go along with deputation.  Thus, even a phone call, text message, or email can be of great encouragement to young missionaries as they travel around the country, having no place to call “home,” driving long distances and living by faith that God will meet their physical and financial needs.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the Bass’ ministry.  

Thank you for your time.

In Christ,
Pastor Troy Louis Lohmeyer
Hebrews 11:6


Reference #3 - 

Pastor Dick Smith

Dear Pastors and fellow believers,

It is with great joy and delight that I recommend Bob and Becky Bass for your consideration to have a part in their ministry to Peru. Both Bob and Becky have applied themselves diligently in seeking God’s will and preparing themselves for the work that God has called them to do on this great mission field. I personally know this couple and know of their love for the Lord.  They display a sincere compassion for lost souls and a passion to build up believers in Christ.

Bob and Becky have spent a number of visits to Peru as well as other mission fields. While in Peru they were effective servants for the Lord and to the Peruvians and fellow missionaries. I believe this valuable experience will give Bob and Becky a head start in church planting and building the Peruvian people in Christ.

My request is that you will prayerfully consider having Bob and Becky in your church and supporting this great and needy ministry. They will be a blessing to you and your church when they present their work and burden for Peru. Please consider supporting this wonderful couple and making them a part of your missionary family. I am honored to be their friend and mentor. If you have any further questions concerning Bob or Becky, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In Christ alone
Pastor Dick Smith
Westlink Regular Baptist Church, 720 N. Westlink, Wichita, KS 67212
316-617-4451 cell

Reference #4 - 

Pastor Greg Landers

In regards to: Bob & Becky Bass – missionaries to Peru
December 9, 2011

Dear Pastor,                                                                                                   
It is my privilege to recommend Bob and Becky Bass as a potential missionary of support. It has been my pleasure to serve beside them while on a recent missions trip to Arin, Peru this past summer (2011). They have a burden for the people of Peru and a great grasp of the various ways to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. God has called Bob & Becky to church planting under Baptist Mid-Missions and they have pursued continued training while being here in the states.
They love the Lord and have demonstrated a desire to be used mightily by the Lord when they return to the field full time. Having seen the need for solid, Bible-believing, fundamentally sound church planters in Peru, I believe that God has raised Bob & Becky up for such a time as this.
Would you prayerfully consider partnering with them as they pursue the Lord’s timing in taking them back to the field that He has called them? As you know, they need prayer support more than anything. Please consider having them come and share their burden for the souls of Peru. They will be on the West coast starting in July of 2012 and would love for you to set us a meeting with them.

Please take a moment and look at their website -
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.   Church Office: 415-924-2250

That the world may know, 

Pastor Greg Landers                                                                                                                       Calvary Baptist Church
P.O. Box 594
Larkspur, CA  94977

Reference #5 - 

Pastor David E Strope

October 7, 2011
Dear Pastor:

I’m writing to recommend missionary appointees Bob & Becky Bass for your consideration. Bob and Becky’s commissioning church is Olivet Baptist Church in Westwood, Kansas. 
The Bass’ are beginning ministry here at Ankeny Baptist Church in our newly established missionary internship. While living here in Ankeny the Bass’ are seeking to enlist area churches in their missionary ministry.

The Bass’ are missionary appointees with Baptist Mid-Missions to the country of Peru. Bob & Becky anticipate evangelistic and discipling ministries when they arrive on the field. They have extensive missionary experience, having served in several short-term ministries in Peru & Korea.

Bob and Becky will be immersed in all of the ministries here at ABC, working with BMM Field Representative Charles Ellis and our pastoral team here at ABC.
I know you receive as I do multiple letters from prospecting missionaries; do give consideration to extending your church’s ministry to the nations.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to give me a call. Know of our appreciation for your consideration of the Bass family. 

In His Grace,
David E. Strope, Sr. Pastor 

Reference #6 - 

Missionary Timothy Whatley

Dear Fellow Laborer,

My name is Tim Whatley and I was born and raised in the Spanish/Quechua speaking country of Peru, South America, where my wife, Barbara, and I have been church planting missionaries since 1989. We praise God for the privilege of sharing His love in such a receptive part of the world. We are also grateful for those who pray and give to make our ministry possible. An added blessing are the co-workers God brings our way. The purpose of this letter is to introduce you to a key couple, Bob and Becky Bass, who God has already used greatly in Peru.

Becky Bass is Barbara’s sister. She has always shown an interest in reaching the needy Peruvian people with the life-saving gospel of Jesus Christ. She lived here in Peru with us for several months during her high school and college years and was a consistent help in the Bible School and Radio ministries as well as the New Life Baptist Church in Urubamba. As a gifted musician, Becky is a boost to any music ministry truly desirous of glorifying God. She also has a servant’s heart and helps with teaching, cleaning, decorating and discipling.

In 2003 Becky returned to Peru with her husband Bob, who dedicated his time to many construction and maintenance projects for the Bible School and our new church plant, the Abundant Life Baptist Church in Arín. Bob has gradually improved his Spanish and has been able to impact lives through evangelistic sports outreaches, song directing, preaching, counseling and teaching. Bob and Becky have also been faithful to the Lord as they taught English in South Korea for two years, after which they returned a third time to Peru in April, 2011.

It has been a pleasure for us to see this couple respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives and ministry. They relate well to the Peruvian people and seem especially gifted for jungle ministry where Bob’s practical mechanical and building skills, combined with Becky’s resilience and creativity will help them overcome mundane obstacles in order to keep eternity’s values in view. Their priority is obedience to God’s call to teach all nations by establishing God-honoring churches where none exist.

I would encourage you to consider inviting Bob and Becky Bass to minister in your church. Their testimonies could encourage wayward young people and stimulate others to respond positively to God’s call on their lives. As the Basses begin their deputation/pre-field ministry, we are convinced of their sincere desire to be a blessing wherever the Lord should take them. Should their path cross yours, we trust God would encourage and exhort you mutually. Might many be saved in the USA, long before the Basses return to Peru permanently.

Sincerely in Christ

Tim Whatley
Baptist Mid-Missions – Peru

Reference #7 - 

Missionary Ken Loveall

Hello. This is Ken and Sharon Loveall serving in Urubamba, Peru with the Bible College ministry. We are glad to hear that Bob and Becky Bass have been accepted by BMM for service in the Cusco area of Peru. They have come and worked in Peru in several short term endeavors and are excited to come down and work on a permanent basis. They have served in different places and have seen God use them and have been appreciated. They speak Spanish (and are learning), have made strides in cultural adjustment and have made investments in the work here. We have seen them work and their desire to serve. Bob has the ability to take charge and see a project brought to completion. Becky has a sweet spirit and a love for people. We ask that you pray and consider what God would have you to do in getting this couple to the harvest fields of Peru.

Ken & Sharon Loveall
BMM, Peru


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