Snapshots of Peru

We want to post pictures we have taken of Peru, some new and some old, so you  can fall in love with Peru right along with us. 

The first few pictures are of the jungle. Here you will find all kinds of wildlife and people of many races. Many people only have one set of clothes and sometimes do not have shoes other than flip-flops.

A typical bridge in the jungle. 

So many have died without hearing the Good New of Christ's sacrifice on the cross. We must take it to them!

The need to hear!

The next group of pictures are all from the Andes Mountains. We have spent the majority of our time in Peru here in the mountains, because the majority of missionaries in Peru's south are located around Cusco and the Urubamba Valley. 

The stone with twelve corners - quite a marvel!

These pictures are taken during one of the national festivals. 
Their costumes are traditional clothing that is still used by many Quechua people 
living in the mountains. 

The last few pictures are of some children, most of whom attend one of the local churches. 
Would you please pray for them? They need someone to teach them of God's love and grace. 
They need families dedicated to living out God's plan for a family. 

These smiles are so hard to resist! 

We also want to post some pictures of some of the ministries in which we have been involved.

Refreshment after a soccer game!

This is our jungle!


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